Ever seen water burn?

Get ready to become mesmerized by our exclusive range of Magic-Fires.

Mistero Magic-Fire with remote control gives the illusion of a real line of fire using unique patented technology so effectively that it is difficult to distinguish it from real flame. The captivating 3-dimensional fire effect is created by illuminating extremely fine water mist. The burners are equipped with water reservoirs where the water is heated. As the mist rises up, the light reflects against the water, creating a truly authentic smoke and flame effect.

Made of high grade stainless steel, Mistero Magic-Fire burns for 6-8 hours on a full water tank. It is extremely user-friendly and can be placed in proximity of combustible materials. A flue is not necessary. It is easy to install or place in open spaces. Due to the high-quality materials used, Mistero Magic-Fire is suitable for use both inside and outside on the veranda or balcony.

As a completely fire risk-free product, Mistero Magic-Fire is ideal for public places, commercial properties and innovative interior design projects. For commercial use, you can connect it to the water supply. In addition, it is 100% safe, child-friendly and CE-approved. Due to the vapour released, the humidity in the room will increase, which has a positive effect on health. In a nutshell, Magic-Fires are not only safe, but they contribute to a healthy indoor climate as well!

Mistero Magic-Fire is available in the following options:

1. Mistero 500 — one reservoir with a 2 L capacity, 51.5 cm long
2. Mistero 1000 — two reservoirs with a 4 L capacity in total, 102.3 cm long
3. Incanto — Mistero 1000 with housing

You can easily place several units together to create a long line of electric fire. The long line of electric fire can be operated with a remote control. Ideal for creating your dream ribbon fireplace of any size and shape!


Main features:

Very realistic flames, but no fire risk
Runs on water
Plug and play
Remote control
Endless fire by a modular system
Adjustable flames
No chimney required
Creates a healthy indoor climate