Project Description

Extreme wide front gasfire with double burner system.The flame picture is very realistic and using the standard mixed log set, pebbles or carrara stones cannot be distinguished from a real fire.
Trimlines are fitted with a DB double burner, always a great flamepicture at your disposal.
This Trimline fire has only 320mm build-in depth having a very small ‘footprint’ in your room!
Easy to operate using the ECOMAX remote control

Technical information:

 Gastype    Natural Gas  LPG
 Input  kW  14,0  13,9
 Output min-max  kW  3,5-12,2  3,0-12,1
 Gasconsumption  m3 (kg/h G3..)  1,2  0,7
 Weigth  kg 180
 Fluesize  mm 130/200
  • Gasfires
  • Balanced flue
  • THC-CC concentric flue dia 130-200mm
  • Build in appliance
  • Front fire
  • Flat Steel interior
  • Lamelas interior
  • Logset fuelbed
  • DB Double Burner
  • ECOMAX remote control
  • Gascontrol in cassette incl white access door
  • Convection grills(2x) included
  • Convection mantle included
  • Adjustable legs
  • Anti Reflective glass
  • Pebbles fuelbed
  • Carrara stone fuelbed
  • Basalt stone fuelbed
  • Black Glass interior
  • Mains adapter 220VAC GV60
  • ECOMAX wallbracket
  • Glowing wool
  • Domotica connection
  • Wallswitch
  • Wi-Fi box & App Control